I did get out

I kept my plans and used a day off to my advantage on Friday.  The girls got dropped off at school and then I was off to the South Branch (I am sure everyone wondered what river I would pick all weekend).

The water was so low and gin clear it wasn't even funny.  On the other hand I pretty much had the river all to myself.

I started the day trying to fish Griffith's gnats to a few fish that were taking on the surface, but for whatever reason, they just weren't buying what I was selling.  My fly would drift over them and then they would take something else.  The rises did look to be just under the surface though, so I I thought maybe a #20 PT soft hackle.  Nothing.  BWO loop wing emergers didn't fare any better.  It was a tough day on top and in the film.  I really pushed it, trying my best to fool something where I wanted, not where the trout wanted. 

Finally, with a half an hour before I needed to head out, I had an epiphany.  Maybe, I should try something different.  I switched to a bugger that I had just tied up the other day in my favorite color; a grizzly tail, with grizzly hackle and a white flash chenille body.  A few casts later, I was off to the races and landed a fat rainbow.

It just reminds you that your opinion is less important than the fish's.  I need to be less pig headed when it comes to fly selection.

With the rain we are supposed to get this week, maybe things will change for the better soon.  35 cfs on the South Branch does not make for the best outing.