Yes, I am fishing this Friday

Friday, it seems, will be a day off for me.  After I drop the kids at school, Ill have until 2:30 to do with as I choose.  I choose to fish.

The question is what flies are going to be hot.  I think Ill start the day nymphing with small brassies and sucker spawn.  As the day progresses, I hope to lure a few to the top with a griffith's gnat or if I'm really lucky, some BWOs.

I haven't been to the Musky in a while, but the South Branch is my go-to river 90% of the time.  I guess that Ill have to see how I feel that morning.

Well see how it goes.

One thing I do know, stealth will be in order.  Ill be staying low, trying to stay out of the water and watching my shadow.  Its low right now baby!  Either way, fishing is certainly better than working any day of the week.