Fly tying symposium

I made it to the fly tying symposium in Somerset this past Saturday.  This was my first time going.  I was surprised how much smaller this event if compared to the fly fishing show.  As the guy at the Rite Bobbin booth said, "Fly fishing is a subset of fishermen in general, and fly tiers are a subset of fly fishermen."  It makes more sense when put in perspective like that.

By the way, I did buy a Rite Bobbin and they are amazing.  LOVE IT!

I ran into Bryson and Alex at the show and the three of us went over to some of the materials shops and browsed together.

I ended up purchasing some barbless jig hooks, and Bryson was kind enough to show me where to find them.

We also hung out and watched Doug, Matt Grobert's nephew, tie up some flies and I came away wishing I had a tenth of his skill when I was his age.  He was fast as hell on the vice.  He also was able to describe the features/pitfalls of all the jig head hook manufacturers on the market off the top of his head.  He's an impressive kid, so keep your eyes open for him.  When we were standing there, Doug had 4 or 5 people watching him and Matt had none.  Doug stole the show for a while!

I saw Tim Flagler from Tightline Productions there as well.  He was there with his wife.  I should have asked him the secret of getting his significant other out to a fly tying show.  I did talk to Tim about doing a presentation for the chapter and he is on board with it for next year in the March/April timeframe.  His presentation will be amazing, with all the video footage he'll be incorporating.  No one does it better than Tim.  I am really looking forward to hear him speak.

Johnny Utah was there too.  I said hello, but when I went back to chat with him, we was off hanging out with other Ridge and Valley members.  I like his blog and would have liked to talk him up.  Next year Johnny.

Last, I hung out with Ben Turpin.  If you haven't talked to this guy, put it on to your to-do list.  The nicest guy, and a hell of a fly fishing guide.  I float with him about 6 times a year on the big D and he always brings his A game.  He still has a custom Z Axis 5 weight for sale I've had my eyes on.  Can I justify having four 5 weights?  Probably not.  I should sell some and buy that one off of Ben.  I also saw my pretty mug (and my wife's prettier one) in Ben's slide show of his trips.  Were celebrities now!

All in all, a fun couple of hours with some good people.