Back in Business!!! Fly tying club.

Well, Big Erich Frie, the former webmaster, is now at Seton Hall, studying to be an engineer. He understandably doesn’t have time to take care of the site, so I, El Presidente, will jump back in, to keep things up to date for the time being. Ill try to make frequent updates and to keep everyone apprised of all the cool things happening with the chapter.

One thing that I will give a sneak preview on is the new fly of the month club.

Here is how it will work.

We will invite any interested member to tie a specific pattern. You tie 6 of them in whatever size you wish, just make sure they are all the same size.

Bring them to the meeting.

3 of the flies you tie will be donated to the chapter and used for the bucket raffle. The other 3 flies go into a separate bucket raffle that will only be open to the tiers who participated that month.

So if you participate, you could win lots of flys! Either way, its a way to get members tying.

Well try it once and see how it goes. Thanks to member Eric Sack for the idea.