Rockaway River Partnership. Clean up on 10/9 at Jackson Ave Park

If you havent read the news, we have a new partnership with Potbelly's Riverside Cafe of Rockaway to help steward the Rockaway River.

There are lots of people who care about this river and together, we will make great strides to keep this potential gem in tip top shape.

To get us started, we will be doing our first clean up on October 9th.  Please mark this on your calendar and pull your weight for the chapter.  We all may love to fish, but we have to back up that love with boots on the ground when we are needed.

Hacklebarney will be meeting the many community Volunteers at the Jackson Ave River Park in the parking lot.

This new partnership with Potbelly's was big enough to get an article in the Daily Record.  If you would like to read the article, and you should, it can be found here

So make sure to come out for the 9th annual Potbelly's Rockaway River clean-up!