This is what it is all about!

We had a report from Bob Paski, who was one of four members who turned out to volunteer their time at the Morristown fishing derby.

We helped kids bait their hooks and generally put them in a position to catch fish.  We also donated prizes for the fishing contest.

What does this do you might ask?  It might be the turning point that creates a life long love of fishing.  It might do little.  But how can you look at the smiles on the faces of the winners and say it was anything but a huge success.  Thanks to all you volunteers!

Bob reports, "It was a beautiful cool morning for the 2016 Fishing Contest at Burnham Park Pond near the center of Morristown today. There were many enthusiastic young participants, but as luck would have it, the fishing was very slow, but that didn't deter the fishing participants. The four Hacklebarney TU members that were there, provided advice and support. The Mayor of Morristown, Tim Dougherty, also stopped by to greet the young anglers. I am attaching two pictures I took of the Hacklebarney TU fishing endurance award winners. We did get permission from the parents of the two young participants  to publish their pictures on our website."

The smiles mean everything!

The smiles mean everything!