This Thursday June 11th's meeting

Our first speaker is Rich Thomas. Rich is the current exec for the NJ State Council for TU. While many of us know the micro about TU, Rich is in the unique position having a handle on NJ issues and has attended many TU National meetings. This will be a great opportunity to learn about TU from the Chapter level up.

Prior to taking on the State Council Chairman role, Rich was the NJ National Leadership Council (NLC) representative from 2007 to 2012. As NLC Rep., Rich worked closely with his fellow NLC Reps. from around the country to map TU’s mission in each member state. Also in this role, Rich chaired the Delaware Watershed Conservation Workshop which focused on improving the trout habitat within the watershed by insuring equitable flows from all reservoirs. This group worked closely with other workshops which focus on understanding and limiting the impacts of gas development within the Marcellus Shale region. Rich has past experience as Central chapter Vice President and President, Central Region V.P. and also with thermal studies, river clean-ups (Musconetcong River), introducing the Central NJ Boy Scout Council to fly fishing and river stocking.

Our second speaker is our own chapter member and former President, Cliff Behrens. It is hard put to find any of us with Cliff's experience, from land locks in ME and the Dacs, to bonefish or stripers off the Vineyard and a few more I may have missed. This month Cliff will discuss his baby tarpon quest  and Yucatan adventure. In May, 2015, Cliff and his wife flew down to Compeche, Mexico, a UNESCO heritage site for what the Yellow Dog Fly Fishing destinations people booked as a couples destination. Learn more about his and his wife Sue's adventure on Thursday night. If you ever witnessed the passion of people like Richard Brautigan in the pic titled "Tarpon" you will appreciate his quest for these fish and enjoy a good story.

So we'll see you this Thursday at The American Legion Hall at 7:30.  RIGHT?!?