Beaverkill Trip

Well, the chapter headed north last weekend...without me.  I was supposed to go, but my daughter had a dance recital and I had to back out.  Believe me, on Saturday night at 8:30pm while I was watching TV, I thought of a spinner fall, my chapter casting gracefully, and had to bite my knuckle to keep from screaming in anguish.  Thats life in the fast lane though.

Here are some pictures.  I had to think hard about posting the one of Mike with his bow, as I didnt want to inflate his ego, but said hey, I need to give credit where it is due.

Click your pointer on the side of the pictures to have them move.

Also, I heard reports of some of our members running into Aphrodite or members of the Swedish Bikini Team or the cast of Baywatch in their prime or something like that.  It depends on who was telling the story.  All I know, is this is the impression I got from the stories...