Rockaway River Trip May 9

Sam Sandus loves the Rockaway River.  In fact, he loves it so much, if you bad-mouth it, he'll punch you in the mouth.  But why would you bad-mouth this great river, especially when Sam and his buddy Andy (who caught the state record brookie on this river) will be taking a group there on May 9th.  

Who knows, you just might come to love this river as much as Sam.

Sam's holdover brown from the Rockaway.

Sam's holdover brown from the Rockaway.

The Info:

                           Saturday May 9

Hacklebarney TU Chapter Monthly trip

Where: Rockaway River @ Dover Waterworks park

Rutgers Ave, off of Princeton Ave, Dover, NJ

Time: 9am-1pm


Join us for our May 9 fishing trip on  Rockaway River. This is the Dover Wharton stretch, where we will meet at Dover Water Works Park, off Princeton Ave and Rutgers. There is parking at the Waterworks and Park, plus street parking in case the Soccer/basketball game players take up some spots. Fishing can be done at the Waterworks Bridge area all the way down the old Historic Morris Canal towpath, which leads to the "Mayor's Hole", " Pump House pool", "Slag Heap area" and the Railroad trestle/ JCP&L area. We may be able to meet up with my friend who caught the NJ State Record Brook Trout, since he lives just across the River on Rt 15. He always fishes the Rockaway River in his backyard. Then we could go to the Exchange afterwards or some other local place.


Directions: Take Rt 46 W to Dover, Turn on to Princeton Ave at the light where the Turkistan Meeting hall and Piccatiny Dover Sign is ( Hurd Park is across the street,  if you see the Hospital, you have gone too far)  Continue on Princeton Ave  over 4 speed bumps and make a right  onto Rutgers. There is a sign on Princeton & Rutgers that says Water Dept.