The Pres and Vice Pres head north

Last Friday the 24th, I headed north and met up with our President, Mike Sankowich, at East Branch Outfitters in Hancock.  We met up with Ben Turpin there, as we had plans to float the West Branch.  As I was driving up 17, I saw the snow blowing and the temps continue to drop the closer I got to my destination.  

It was cold.  It was windy.  It was snowing.  To sum it up, this was no spring day.  

We got on the river about 11am, as we weren't in a rush.  We put in a Hale Eddy and started chucking streamers.

I got this guy almost immediately.

So then we continued down river and switched out tactics from the white streamers we were throwing to chucking nymph set-ups.  I had a #14 BHFBHE and a #18 BHFBPT.  Mike had a #14 Copper John and a #18 BHPT.  We found success all day long. Mike had one sweet brown of about 20" and I put another 5 into the net.  Here are some other pics...

We called it a day about 6pm, because we were freezing our asses off, and headed to the Riverside Inn to eat an warm up.  We met up with Mike Russo and his lovely wife Bethany, had some drinks, laughs and talked some smack.  It ended up that Mike had some luck with a nice 19"er and so did Bethany.  Interestingly, their guide for some reason convinced them not to nymph, but to chuck streamers all day.  I think nymphing might have paid off for them.  Their arms must have been throbbing by the end.  Heck, at least the movement might have kept them warm...

The next day, Saturday, was warmer, so we thought we were a shoe-in to kill it.  It didnt work out that way.  We started in Deposit and nymphed for a few hours and then tried our luck on the East Branch below Shinhopple, before Mike called it a day. I tried some more at the jaws, but couldn't put anything together no matter how hard I tried.

Kind of a let down day, but overall a great few days away from life.

I got home and immediately pulled out the Weamer book to think of my next trip up that way.