Crap outing

I went to my favorite spot on the South Branch on Sunday.  There wasnt much surface activity, but I tried to fish a sulpher spinner.  As I was working my way up river to the best spot on the area, I see some guy park his car and walk towards the same area, spin rods, bobbers and worms in hand.  When he sees me, he speeds up his pace to beat me to the pool.

Then he has the audacity, after jumping right in front of me, to ask in his thick Russian accent, "Is ze feesh bitig?" after he knew he stole my spot.

He then proceeded to fish two rods on the same pool.  To top it off, he was luckier than me, catching a few, which he promptly threw on the bank.  Now remember, the South Branch wasnt stocked in this area, so these were either wild or holdover fish (I guess they could have come from Shannons-they did release some in this area and I didnt inspect them).

He threw me into a crappy frame of mind.

That and the impending darkness sent me home to ruminate on the gas I wasted on the trip.

Oh well.  I guess I need to go deeper into the woods next time i head out for some solitude.