Made it out on Friday and it was great!

I hit my favorite stretch of the South Branch on Friday.  The sun was shining in and out of the clouds, the weather was warm and the fishing was great.

I thought that there might be Hendricksons, but no such luck.  There were Blue Quills and Grannom Caddis out.  The caddis were everywhere.

The only unfortunate thing was that I left my butt pack (and all my flies and leaders) at home on the floor of my garage.

I did happen to have two EHCs on my lanyard though, so all was not lost.  Those two flies scored me 4 brookies, 4 browns and a rainbow-all wild.

My pants were sagging though, as with every backcast, I thought Id be donating to the tree Gods.  Somehow, all my casts landed true and I came home with the same two flies.

Spring just rocks!  I wish I was out there today!