March 1st Banquet-the prizes

Man, we outdid ourselves this year; well, Montefusco did.

We have some of the best prizes for auction in recent memory.  If these items dont make your casting hand shake, let me know, as Ill be happy to slap the stupid off you.

Just check out this list of offerings...


1.    Dick Hepper Framed Salmon Fly

2.    Dick Hepper Flies – Box 1

3.    Dick Hepper Flies – Box 2

4.    Starbuck’s Basket

5.    Wine Basket 

6.    Seasonings Basket

7.    JP Ross Fly Box 

8.    JP Ross Fly Box



1.    John Marci NJ Wild Trout Trip

2.    Bill Sjovall Guided Surf Trip

3.    Jeff Kurt Personal NJ Trout Tour

4.    Hand made Fly Box with Hepper flies

5.    Hand made Fly Box with Hepper flies

6.    Guided Steelhead Trip

7.     Guided Striper Trip

8.    DeBruce Club (on the pristine Willowemoc river) Tri

9.    8 ft J Marci Bamboo rod

10.   Matt Grober personal fly tying instructional session


There is something for everyone.  So mark your calendars and bring tons of cash, so you can bid heavily and buy me some beers.