Auction Night Thursday December 11th

The best night of the Hacklebarney year (other than the banquet) is coming up  soon.  Every year members and guests have the opportunity to bid on fly fishing gems and crap alike.  There will be books, equipment, tying gear and more.  The more is always the interesting part.

There will also be a pot luck dinner and  some beers floating around.

You have a week people.  Look through your closets and attics and bring something to put up for auction.

As Sam Sandoz already cleaned out his garage last year, he can't donate as much,  so we all need to pick up the slack.

ill be donating my second Ferrari for auction, as I don't use it as much since I bought the Tesla.

What could be better?  Good food, brews and some truly bizarre stuff up for auction.

Be there.