South Branch excursion

I picked up Bryson and Alex yesterday and we scooted over to the South Branch.  We started out in my favorite stretch.  All three of us nymphed.  Bryson topped the list with 9 fish, the best of which was a 16" brown that was just beautiful.  Alex was good for 5 fish.  No standouts for him though-he was stuck in the slot. I had one wild brown and a nice 16" holdover rainbow.  I may have brought up the rear on volume, but I was pleased with my time. 

We then went to another spot downriver for an hour and the action turned off like a lightswitch.  Nada, zippo, blank.  Oh well, by that point the sun was going down and it was getting cold.  I am really starting to feel the cold, where I didnt in years past, I am getting old.  The seeping waders couldnt have helped.

The best flies of the day were the sexy walts worm and a zug bug.  Tie some up!

See you on the water.