I'm glad I sqeaked in the last day of 2013 last Friday.

I was able to get my last day in for 2013 last Friday.  It was my last day of the year fishing, but also the last day of my membership in the private water club.  It was great, I just didn't use it enough to make it worth while.  To even attempt to get my money's worth, I had to only fish that property.  I never went anywhere else, and even stopped fishing with friends as they couldn't join me.  I'll probably regret it in a month, but thats the decision I made and went with.  Back to fighting the crowds.  I did get a PA license though, and plan to explore that great state.

I did have a great last day, having caught 2 bows and 1 brown that were 19" and more.  They all took a #14 HE jig head nymph with a tungsten head. 

big rainbow.JPG