November meeting speaker is the famous Tim Flagler!

If you have been a member for a while, you know Tim, as he has presented to us many times. If you haven’t seen Tim, his video is second to none, and he can shed new light on topics that you thought you might be well versed in.

He got me to approach Ken Lockwood Gorge in a new way!

Well Tim will be sharing on his recent trip to Patagonia and I know it is going to be one hell of a presentation.

So please help me in welcoming that travelling hippy, Tim, back to Hacklebarney on 11/8 at the Legion Hall in Whippany. 7:30pm in case you forgot!

Tim in the high desert of Patagonia.

Tim in the high desert of Patagonia.

This Month's Fly is the BWO!!!

OK folks, here you go. This month’s fly is one of the most useful in your box. It hatches all year long and everybody on the East coast needs to get familiar with them if you haven’t already.


This mayfly goes all year long, and therefore the fish are used to seeing them.


So get you thinking cap on. Tie 10 BWO flies of your choosing and bring them next week to the meeting!