Tim Flagler-September 12th Chapter Meeting Speaker

Tim Flagler has been fly fishing and tying for more than 30 years. He founded Tightline Productions in 1998, a video production company that specializes in promotional and instructional video. He's known worldwide for his tying videos. Tim's also a presenter, instructor and guide.

He will talk about the Kootenai and Yaak rivers:

The Kootenai and Yaak rivers of northwestern Montana don’t get the recognition that others in the state like the Madison and the Missouri do. This is actually a good thing. Imagine five days of fishing from a drift boat without seeing another one on the river or wading miles and miles of a crystal clear alpine stream and never seeing a soul. That’s what fishing is like on the Kootenai River and the Yaak drainage with the Linehan Outfitting Company. Presentation is entirely video-based.

September Fly of the Month- Griffith's Gnat


The Griffith's Gnat imitates a lot of different insects. Created by George Griffith, one of the founders of Trout Unlimited, it's a buggy dry fly and can be fished a number of different ways. It looks like a tiny woolly bugger with no tail and has the same effect on fish.

Tie 10 of your own best version of the Griffith’s Gnat and bring them to the September Chapter meeting!