Welcome to Hacklebarney Trout Unlimited 

Hacklebarney Trout Unlimited was founded in 1975. Our chapter currently boasts 400 members and about 50 of these members regularly attend our monthly meetings. We welcome all to our meetings and would enjoy having you as a member. The only requirement is that you love fly fishing and enjoy the company of others who share this with you. As you will see in these pages we are active in the conservation and monitoring of local streams, eager to educate others in our sport and leverage our membership to organize events where we can refine our fly fishing skills and learn from each other.

We meet at the Whippany American Legion Hall the second Thursday of every month at 7:30pm except July and August.

The address is

13-23 Legion Place (in the basement room)

Whippany, NJ

Chapter Board

President/Current Minister of Discipline
Jim Langell                                                                                                                                  jimmy229@yahoo.com

Vice President/Driver of the Winnebago
Jonathan Eng

Rich Tullo

State Council/Syrup King
John Montefusco

Conservation Officer
Rich Cotter

Rich Tullo

Fly Tying Classes
Cliff Behrens

Trips/Guy who lies about his fish’s size
Jim Scott

Jim Langell                                                                                                                                  jimmy229@yahoo.com

Recording Secretary and Membership Chairman
Sam Sandus

Fly Fishing Schools/Scotch Critic
Bill Sjovall

Banquet Planning/Sommelier
Mike Peters

Board Member Emeritus/General Wise-Ass/Missed Friend
Dick Hepper

Mike Sankowich                                                                                                                                                        Raffle chairman                                                                                                         

Board member and Kielbasa Pit Master                                                                                                               Steve Widuta          



Serving Northern New Jersey and it’s coldwater rivers and fisheries