a great night on the South Branch

I was able to steal away a few hours this past Saturday night to fish my favorite spot on the South Branch.  If you want to know my spot, tough.  Youll have to join me and Ill show you, but that stuff doesnt get printed for mass consumption.

I got to the river about 6:30pm, after making a pit stop on the side of the road to pick up a passenger in Tewksbury, a poor snapping turtle who was going to get his ass run over.  He seemed to think that the middle of the road was a good spot to sun himself.  So I threw him in the passenger seat and drove off to the river, where my new friend found his new home. Hopefully he'll remember my kindness and bite a spin fisherman like the guy that kept jumping in the river above me and spooking the risers, but thats another story.

I managed a tri-fecta which was great.  Catching a wild brookie is always a wonderful thing.  It reminds you how clean the river really is.  The brookie fell to a spinner.  Then came a nice wild bow on a sulpher comparadun and last, a brown, again on a rusty spinner.  

I need to tie some high vis spinners, as I was having trouble seeing things towards the end.

Quite a few fish were lost along the way for whatever reason.  I must have horsed them.

At dark, there was a spinner fall of what looked like olives.  They were coming off big time.

The river just came alive.  It was literally like there was a popcorn maker working, as the fish were just exploding on the surface.  It was a real treat for the senses.

You just dont think that there could be that many fish in such a short stretch.

Hopefully I can get permission to try again this coming weekend.  What fun!  Thats the way to spend a summer night!